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My central heating is run off a heat pump ( air to water ) quite expensive to run ,
So I’m plainning to fit a wood burning with a back boiler to connect to the heating system,
So while the wood burning on during winter months it will stop the heat pump for working hard Or not all all .
My question is how can I do this without a ( expansion tank ) .
My plain was run the flow and return over head then drop then where the flow and return come out of the heat pump system, about a 8 mts straight run I will need to use a pump for this run .
As anyone don’t this ? Any advise please .
Any reason why it won’t work ?
Thanks .
Your wood burner will be an uncontrolled heat source. You will need an open vented system on the wood burner side and a way to control the flow and exchange of heated water. This is done with an open vented store of hot water to be used as a heat exchanger. You can't do this without an "expansion tank" as you are describing it. That expansion tank is actually an open vented heat store of some kind.

I'm not an expert on this subject by any means but this is something that all needs a really careful design.
I wouldn’t bother at all more hassle than it’s worth as the two systems arnt easily compatible due to one being high temp uncontrolled and the other being low temp

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