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I’ve replaced a dual zone system with one TADO system, pictures attached.

The old system had two controllers with two valves which I’m replacing with one system that operates both valves simultaneously.

picture of wiring attached (the TADO controller goes over the top) The thermostat controller pictured in the right is dumb and just holds the pass through wiring from the switch on the wall

Problem...the boiler won’t stop (it continually fires).

can someone see if it’s anything to do with the way it’s wired. Forgive my ignorance if it’s obvious.
thank you




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S. Mod
Gas Engineer
Would need to trace the wiring back I would say you have too many lives in the live port
Harvest Fields

Harvest Fields

Gas Engineer
As Shaun says. You need to trace all wiring. Or it could be something as simple as you have the on’s and off’s the wrong way around. However, I would swap anything without doing a trace.

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