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hi , Ive only ever fitted bathrooms and put in what somebody else has already sorted out basically, I'm looking to further my knowledge now and eventually go out on my own and ventilation is something i haven't really got involved in tbh.
i have a small shower room that I'm looking at its 1.5m width x 1.5m length x 2.5m tall it currently has an openable window and a vent as shown below which measures to the outside of the chrome 240mm x 165mm


just wondering will this need an extractor van in the room ?? the room will have vanity units etc so wooden furniture and obviously don't want there to be damp etc in a small room where they shower. advice would be greatly appreciated !


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Yes it would be advisable to fit a extract fan keep the air vent the additional ventilation will further aid the air changes in the bathroom and keep mould and dampness at bay . Kop


To fit replacement bathrooms & shower rooms and not fit extractor fans isn’t a great idea imho.

Fitting new bathrooms and shower rooms falls under part F of the building regs ..

Installing electrics falls under BS 7671 and part p of the building regs .

Hope this helps


With extractor fans, you also need to replenish the air that is removed by the fan or else you won't get any air movement / changes.

Generally leave a 10mm gap under the door

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