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Cathy E

About 8 years ago the valve under the sink burst. Major flood. They capped the hot water pipe to the washer and apparently replumbed everything g else. Since then I had very low hot water pressure in kitchen through a single faucet double tap style tap with two flexi hose under the sink. I complained a lot and I was told by council it was the tap. But they won't repair taps. I did get a new boiler last month, nice new combi which says pressure is 1.2. But since that was fitted I have no hot water at alldownstairs. Just very low pressure cold from the hot tap and normal from the cold tap. Upstairs works great. When I turn the hot tap downstairs it doesn't trigger the boiler. The boiler man said it's the pipes. But the water guy said it was the boiler. I've purchased a new tap, was gunna get a plumber but wondered does anyone k ow what's going on? I would like to think someone checked the valve along the way and also it may be nothing, but since the boiler was fitted I've had a leak out the capped hot water supply to the washer. There is a red knob there and it's off. Only have cold to washer. I'm so fed up of having no hot water and council saying its not their problem. Could it be the tap? But if so why did it get worse with new boiler. Could there be a valve unopened somewhere but wouldn't that mean I get no water? Please help.

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