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Never fitted a corner sink and am unsure how the brackets should be used?
I'm putting in wood fixing behind plasterboard today so thought I would dry run fitting the sink.
Fitting the brackets as in the top pic leaves a gap all round the sink making it unstable.
The bottom method makes the sink tip forwards?
What am I missing?
Thank you.


Gas Engineer
Hi Aquarius, the brackets came with the sink but seem crap TBH!
I didn't know you could buy a kit so thanks I will look at it.
I was considering some oak batons horizontal under the sink, I'm sure it will never be right with the supplied brackets!


You could use the brackets as you have them, they are a bit awkward and often benefit from a couple of 1mm shims between bracket/ basin depending on how it came out of mould.
Don’t fit the brackets level to one another, as you might reasonably assume, rather fit one and then offer the basin to that- hold it level and mark the second one.
Don’t worry it you don’t get it spot on as shimming it will adjust height too if necessary.
When it’s right silicone the gap to wall and strike this off level. Leave it alone for 24hrs - then it won’t move.
Any gap to wall will be covered by your splash back tiles - again this can be inevitable if the basin mould was poor - often is on these.
Thanks everyone, so is this right...
Fit bracket as in bottom picture? It's an awful fit and not formed to the sink at all!
Also use holes in sink to fit another screw/bolt?
When happy with fit silicone rear flats of sink to tiles to hold steady?
It's just the wood fixings today thankfully!


Yes, bottom picture is correct.

I did mention those are tricky to use if you’re inexperienced.

If it’s really bad then use the big oval holes and basin fixing bolts such as Aquarius suggested, try and get the ones with an off centre cam on the big plastic washers as this allows easy height adjustment.


Gas Engineer
Advent Win
these would work too

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