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Hi everyone
I'm about to progress from Level 2 C&G to Level 3 (starting in September):
I'd always thought i would do the Level 3 Gas, as this was the only course my local college offered, but i've just found out they're now also offering Level 3 Plumbing and Heating.

Does anyone have any advice on which could be better?

Thinking long term, the phasing out of domestic gas makes me think i should keep my skill-set as varied as possible. But i'm working with an experienced and fully qualified plumber and gas engineer who does a wide variety of installs and maintenance so i'm learning a wide skill-set through this. I would really like to be gas safe registered asap and was looking forward to the deep dive and specialising in gas.

I've had a new option open up to me and any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: i'll be doing my level 3 through an apprencticeship
" Thinking long term, the phasing out of domestic gas makes me think i should keep my skill-set as varied as possible."

Gas isn't going anywhere.
The type or make up of the gas will change.

There's no other realistic solution for older (relatively) poorly insulated homes.
Depends what you want to end up doing. Do you see yourself as a Gas Fitter/Engineer or a Plumbing & Heating Engineer?

I always look at gas work as 'part' of my job. It is only a fuel and it is only one of a few we use.

If you lean toward Plumbing & Heating, in theory you will be more knowledgeable in a bigger field. You can of course concentrate on one aspect, like Gas or warm air heating or bathrooms etc. It will be more difficult to work it the other way.

Only my opinion of course. People come into this from different backgrounds and some focus on one aspect of a vast subject.

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