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I installed my central heating 40 years ago as a DIY project and it has worked well. I have a Potterton NeataHeat 16/22 with a Y plan control. A week ago I had a leak onto my kitchen ceiling (new ceiling a year ago) which needed me to cut a 6 foot long slot in it to replace a length of copper cold water pipe which had corroded through, looks like solder flux rot, main cause is that pipe section of cold water from the Cold water cylinder is seldom used, all other pipework is sound, my question is this:- should I replace the boiler while I am in a mess regarding decorating. One heating engineer said he would leave it as it the heating equivalent of a brick sh*t house and is almost indestructible others are more than willing to quote to replace.
I understand that a new boiler could save me £??? a year in running costs but to recoup the cost of new boiler would take 10 years+ Your opinions welcome. Many Thanks Ray:rolleyes:

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