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I'm look for some advice about what to do if someone doesn't pay you and they owe you $2000. Do you take them to court or a debt collector, what works best?


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What communication have you had with the customer since the job was done? how long ago was the job done? Have you kept a record of the communication sent?


I have been in this game in uk with many fitters working for me. Whatever has happened
your fault their fault ...the name of the game is...GET your money or some of it
Have a long cool look at what had happened ...if its a bit down to you, or all down to them ? yup go to court takes ages , uncertain outcome , and the legals advice
if you can is make a deal it might not satisfy you but money in your bank is king.
...get the cash ...xmas is coming be pragmatic advice is based on many years
of real business ...nothing is perfect either way...centralheatking


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Andrew according to your flag you are not in England , all advice given from here may not be correct .
Personally though , I would go with a recorded letter/invoice first , followed by a strongly worded letter from a debt recovery specialist.
In England we can try recover monies through the small claims court, but be aware the debtor can counter claim.
The big one is , have they got any money to pay you with ?


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Had a guy once. Business owner, kept getting false promises of s transfer. Appeared at his business with a calm, polite head on and asked if he was around. You should have seen his face when he came out. Very quickly went and returned with cash.


It all depend on the documentation you have for the works done.
Do you have a formal written quote / contract accepted by the customer?
Do you have 'Legal' terms and conditions included with the quote / contract?

You will have to explain more of the situation before you get any clear / real advice.

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