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Hi all,

I wanted to ask a general question about an underfloor heating system our plumber is proposing and if this solution will be sufficient to heat the rooms.

We have only a woodburning stove (15kW nominal output) that heats our open plan lounge/kitchen/diner directly (6.5kW from the woodburner is given directly to the air, with the remaining 8.5 to water). The open plan area is 20.4 sqm (110 cubic metre) and 6.5 kWh seems sufficient for this.

The remaining 8.5 kWh needs to heat our 200 litre domestic hot water tank (4 person household), plus heat the two bedrooms and bathroom which have a total area of 37.5 sqm, which are actually in a separate building located around 15m away from the other building (all on the ground floor).

The plumber is proposing a system whereby the hot water from the stove feeds either the hot water accumulator tank or the underfloor heating. Essentially the domestic hot water takes priority and once it hits the temperature set on the thermostat (we'll set to 55 - 60 degrees), the circuit switches to feeding a smaller 50 litre water accumulator. And once this hits the set temperature (45 degrees), the underfloor heating pumps will kick in to send water to up to four circuits.

Circuit 1 is bedroom 1 (14.5 sqm).
Circuit 2 is bedroom 2 + bathroom (10.7 sqm)
Circuit 3 is the kitchen/diner/living room (20.4 sqm)
Circuit 4 is a mezzaine (12.3 sqm).

I don't think we'll need circuit 3 or 4 given we've got the direct heat in that building, but due to the output of the woodburner being so high, we're putting them in in case.

Does this sound like a good solution? Given there's no gas boiler, I'm not 100% if this solution of having a smaller accumulator that needs to hit a certain temperature, before being pumped to the underfloor will work.

Thanks so much!

And also, what should the thermostat of the woodburner be set to (i.e. the water that is being circulated to the two accumulators? 55, 60 or more?
I started a long winded response but deleted it. You need to back to the drawing board. Underfloor will be intermittent at best and as such is a waste of time. When its on it needs a constant feed and when its off its not really off its just set back. Depending on floor construction you could end up with a very expensive white elephant.

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