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Hi, had a look at the water mains on a new build. It's in a rural area, private water scheme. I'm trying to figure out if the supply will be enough

There's 1/2" hydrodare, it gives 1.8 bar of pressure and 15 litres of water per minute.

I know on my own house the static pressure is 4 bar and it drops to 3 bar with one tap open and then to 2 bar with two taps open.

That has me fairly concerned, there's two tanks to be fed in this house and three outdoor taps. It has all the extras in the kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher and coffee maker so demand will be high.

I wondering if I can fix this at the mains, increase pipe size. Or should I opt for an accumulator tank?
IMO, accumulators are solutions of last resort, so if it's feasible to upgrade the supply I'd do that. You should check with the managers of the private water scheme to ensure that they are willing and able to supply more than 15 litre / min. The answer is likely to be either 'No' or 'Only if you pay £££s for us to upgrade our infrastructure.

Before buying, I'd look very carefully into the ownership and management of the 'private water scheme'. If it's currently run by the developer, they'll probably want to offload it as soon as the last property is sold, at which point you become hostage to whoever takes it over.

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