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Hi , i have this situation that once every few months the water stops from flowing from the tank to the house. So i go and disconnect the pipe from the 2nd filter and wait for half minute and water start flowing again.

I made a drawing here on the picture to show how is set up.
I was wondering if a vent for letting the air pass so to help with the flow will help but i do not know where i should install it.
The 10 ton tank already have a 32mm hole on top of it, which in my mind should act like a vent ?

I would very much appreciate any help or guidance



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once a month when it stops whats the water level in the tank at?


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I assume that you are referring to Elmatherm modular tanks? These are normally built in 2500 litre units and then coupled. If you are getting a loss of supply refer to the Manufacturers Instructions - the likely issue is that you have an air lock in the feed from the well to the first tank.

The issue is that the system fills once, but after you have drawn 7,500 litres of water, the lead tank won’t fully empty (the 70% you refer to) and the air lock prevents it from filling the adjacent tanks. If you break the system, the first tank immediately starts to empty and over the next few hours, it refills the adjacent tanks - then the problem reoccurs after you have drawn around a further 7,500 litres of water - about 6 weeks for four people in the house.

This is a common issue and it relates to the way the tanks have been configured with inadequate vents and interlinking pipes.

Contact Elmatherm and they will resolve the issue or give you good advice.

If you are really stuck I will be over for Christmas and can give you more specific advice - I am in Paphos.
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