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Washing machine drain hose glued!!

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Thanks for looking. I am getting a new washing machine who will install, disconnect, recycle it, etc as long as its a straight forward process.

Which it may be, however, we moved our old machine from one house to another and the plumber who disconnected it cut off the end of the waste pipe hose so the next plumber had to use a hose pipe clip/clamp ( see pics) & appears to have used glue.

So, before they bring the machine on Mon, I wanted to make sure that they won't look at it and refuse to install/disconnect it! I'm not sure if i need to buy a new part for it as it looks like it screws off (see pic with yellow circle). If so could you let me know what the parts called, etc? I'm a complete novice!!

Thank you for your help.


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Can't be sure of the make from the photo but it looks like a "MCALPINE DOMESTIC APPLIANCE NOZZLE 1" (720JG)" available for a couple of quid from, for example, Screwfix. Another possibility is "FLOPLAST HOSE CONNECTOR 40MM (48625)", also avalable from Screwfix and many other places.

I can't post links for some reason so you'll need to visit the website and hunt around a bit.
Thanks for the info. Went to local pluming supplies he wouldn't sell me anything said they could easily take the clip and glue off no need for new part. However, I have looked on amazon and seen some part similar to your suggestions. Also seen this one and could screw off the part in orange in worse case??
To me it looks like he’s cut the end off the drain flexi so this will come with the new machine eg new hose

Yea that's exactly what he did & yea the machine will come with a new hose but because he's used glue along with the clamp, I'm not sure if the white nozzle part ( don't know name) will need replacing because of thr glue residue?

Shouldn’t need to
Shouldn’t need to
Thanks, that's what I'm hoping for. The main reason I've asked is because it's Curry's installing it and someone said they will only do so, if it's simple ie the bare minimum. If not they refuse to install! Which is my concern as we have 3 + weeks of washing and I can't find a plumber anywhere that will come in the next month!! And the wife doesn't trust me and I don't blame her lol

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