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Hi, i have recently had to do a DIY job on a wall hung toilet as couldn't get a plumber booked. I did the grohe rapid sl frame against a solid wall. No movement that i could physically create. I used some timber to frame and put some plasterboard and mdf panelling on.

Now the toilet is secured (that was a nightmare as very little instructions) it has a little movement when i press on the toilet. This appears because i stupidly didn't think I'd need a piece of timber across the bottom and the plaster board at the bottom behind the toilet is flexing slightly hence the movement.

My question.. Is this the obvious reason why I'm having movement? I can't tighten the allen grub screws anymore.
Can i fix it by fixing a baton in front of the panelling and into the floor? Or do i need to remove the panelling and fix a baton behind?
Thanks in advance
A female diy'er who may take too much on.


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If the pan is tight back to the wall, then yes the movement is due to wall flexing.

Remove panel and strengthen up frame with extra timber before replacing panel.

It is generally not recommended to use just plasterboard, best thing is 12mm hardibacker followed by porcelain tiles.
But hardibacker can be skimmed if a plaster / paint finish is required.

Plasterboard is borderline ok if very well supported.

king of pipes

Gas Engineer
Plasterboard is not really suitable in my view just fitted this one I used CLS timber and 18mm hardwood ply then faced it with white shower wall panel. Kop


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Thanks for everyones advice. With some tweaking I have managed to get it sturdy, not moving at present and working. I have taken notes of your recommendations and I'll keep a close eye on it (it'll be rarely used generally) and as soon as any issues I'll know what to do and how to rectify. Also that unit looks great and something I may do in my main bathroom... Hopefully by a professional by then though.

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