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Wall hung oil boilers - help needed please

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I've come on here as really need some help with buying a new oil boiler please.

My current Firebird Olympic 50-80 is about 40 years old and my wonderful plumber has kept it going but its days are numbered.

I'm looking for a new oil boiler that would go on the wall so that I can make space for a dishwasher where the boiler has been, but I'm so confused about boilers. I really don't understand about combi boilers etc and I'm not sure about what I can have.

I currently have a hot water tank in the airing cupboard and a cold tank in the loft. What are my options with an oil boiler? The main criteria is that it is as small as possible and can go on the wall, apart from the obvious value for money.

The only wall mounted boiler I can find is the Grant Vortex. Can anyone recommend another small wall hung oil boiler please?
Grant and houndsfield are the only ones that make wall hung heat only boilers tbh I would recommend a floor standing over one of them there not the best and quiet large about the size of a double kitchen wall unit
Houndsfield would be my choice upgrade your hot water cylinder also .kop


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External hounsfield heat only. If you really need a combi then again an external but hounsfield don't make combis.

I would stay away from a wall mounted one, mare to work on.

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