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We have an old Baxi Bermuda 552 in our kitchen diner (installed in 1989). We have recently had our window and wall taken out to install patio doors. The air vent for the boiler was removed at the same time. We need to install a new vent ASAP as I am aware that this could be quite dangerous. We have a carbon monoxide alarm and the kitchen window on night vent through the night. I have been told that the contractor who installed the window should have done this and I'm sure that this will make people feel a bit cross but really just in need of some advice! I believe we need a 100cm2 air vent? The room is 6.5 metres x 3 metres. Can the vent be installed at floor level in the corner of the room? We have a small extension making the external footprint an l -shape and the vent needs to go in the corner meaning that the vent will open out with a wall directly to the left of it (if that makes any sense?). Please someone advise as to what type of vent we need to put in and if it can go in that corner of the room? The other corner where there is no l-shape has an electric socket so not an ideal location at all. Many thanks for your time!


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Turn the boiler off Now and seek a gas safe engy ASAP

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I would recommend getting a Registered Gas Engineer out he will definitely tell you the right vent size as well as he could Service the appliance straight away.

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Yes the vent should have been replaced you need to turn the boiler off until a 'Registered Professional Gas Engineer' engineer has attended I am afraid ventilation , service and a gas safety check will be needed cheers kop
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