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Hi all,
I have wet UFH 4 Zones. I used to have HIVE controlling it but I wanted a better way of controlling Zones as I was wasting money having all 4 zones at the same temp.

I have since dumped HIVE and have had emmeti actuators, Wiring centre and RF thermostats fitted.

My problem is that it seems to struggle to reach 20 deg. In the lounge, for example, I have it set to come on at 7am with a target of 20deg. When I come downstairs it is at 19deg at 7am and calling for heat.By 9.15 it's still at 19 deg and still calling for heat. The boiler is coming on to it's request, albeit a bit delayed.
By the time I left it had actually fallen to 18 deg but the floor seemed as warm as it was and it was still calling for heat.
A check on the gas meter proved it had been using gas 2m3 over 2 hours and took the temp from 19 to 18 degrees for it..

The house was completed in March this year and achieved and EPC rating of A, so I am not putting it down to heat loss at this point.

My Mixer is set at 45deg and all flows react to the actuators as they should, so everything seems to be working. The manifold pump has 9 settings and is running at 4. It was set at 5 but I read that UFH needed a lower pump flow.

Anyone got any ideas before my money is all spent on Blankets and British Gas

Not open for further replies.

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