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Hi - got an aqualec UFH system with aqualec thermostats in each room displaying the temp, with a ESI programmer in the utility room in my flat.

The plumbers have just recently changed the install so that when the heating programmer is off, the thermostats go off and don't display the temperature. This is annoying as i cannot see current room temperature and cannot set it to what i want unless i turn on the heating. Its nice to be able to see the room temp in summer too...

The reason they did this is because with the thermostats on, the heating was turning on even when the programmer was set to off (which is obviously wrong).

My question is - is it possible for these aqualec thermostats to work with a programmer so that they can be "on" but without turning on the heating?


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Your system has probably been wired with the permanent live not feeding directly to the controller.

If wired correctly Aqualec will display the zone temperatures when the heating is off, but the power is on.

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