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We are having wet UFH installed across the ground floor of our house, about 5 zones. We'd like vinyl and timber and hence know we need to limit the floor temp to 27 degrees; question what are the ways to do this?

We've seen the neo control system that can control on air temp and floor probe temp.

We're keener on the hive system, but we'd need a secondary control for the 27 degree cut off. This must be the same as having standard room stats - how is floor temp controlled in that situation?

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Just fit floor temperature probes into all floors with vinyl. Then set the stat limit to 27.
Forget the hive, they are useless at controlling underfloor heating. There is too much lead and lag with underfloor for a predictive thermostat..


Just run the flow temperature at 45C.
Without going into calculations and reasoning of calculations, a flow temperature of 45C will give you an average floor temperature of 27C - 28C - give or take.
Personally I wouldn't recommend hive thermostats. waste of time and money. not just heatmiser, but quite a few decent quality thermostats allow user to set probe limit whilst using air sensor to control the room temperature.
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