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Hi all. If I may, I'd like to ask some beginner's questions.

The situation: We think we may have air trapped in our UFH system. Therefore, we're considering refilling the circuits. However, there are a few details we need to clear up first.

First of all, we need (?) to buy some hose end pieces/connectors to attach to the threaded drain/fill things circled below:


Unfortunately, we don't know what they are called or what the thread gauge is. And perhaps hoses can be bought with these pre-fitted?

For filling, the plan is to use an external (i.e., outdoors) tap. Would this be likely to provide enough pressure to fill one 60m and one 48m circuit? We don't generally have any obvious water pressure problems.

Also: the drain valve turn key thing has fallen off and is irretrievable. Is it possible to buy a replacement? I've Googled, but I don't know what it's called.

Finally, we need to know precisely which valves to open/close. I understand the procedure is to isolate from the boiler system and then refill each circuit in turn (one actuator removed at a time to allow the valve pin to rise). In order to isolate the circuits for refilling, is it sufficient to close off at the following circled locations?


My apologies for the embarrassing lack of expertise. Any advice would be very welcome.


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