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I'm looking for some advice on a frustrating problem I'm having with my old Eurostar 50-60s oil boiler please? Although it's old, most parts needed to operate it are now new.

The symptoms indicated a broken/seized burner motor or oil pump. I wrongly assumed the motor so I ordered a new one only to find that once removed it was actually the fuel pump that was stopping the motor turning therefore I then replaced the pump also. The controller was replaced only a few months ago. The burner then started up fine.....and I was feeling pleased that everything seemed to work. BUT once the stat turned off the burner (or even if it was turned down manually) the motor wouldn't run again and lock out occurred. The motor did feel quite hot. If left for a day, it would start up again but only until temp reached (or turned off) and will not restart (locks out). So (re the hot motor) I replaced the capacitor but the same thing happened. Checked the oil pressure and that is correct at 110psi.

So new motor, pump, controller (inc photocell) and capacitor installed, fan wheel is clean and unobstructed; when the motor runs at first start, it all seems to run well. Does anyone on here have any ideas on what I could try next?

Thanks in advance. JC
Just swapped those components and checked pressure in the pump - didn't touch the damper or anything else as yet. When fired up it seems to burn well - no smoking or fuel smells from the flue. I'll probably get a professional in now to check my work and commission it correctly.
All sorted now and running better than ever. Actually just removed and re-seated the pump with less tightened grub bolts (3 used to hold the pump in place in the motor) and this resolved my issue. My 28 year old boiler has been reborn

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