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I've moved into a house where 12 years ago and two owners ago a solar water heating system was fitted.

As far as I can see from correspondence this has never really worked, the original owner soon moved away, and the last owner had it all disconnected and a combi boiler fitted, making the whole thing unused.

With just two of us our hot water requirements are minimal and it's not worth me spending money on getting it going again.

Consequently I have a Torrent heat store, pumps and controller to get rid of from a system that's been barely used.

If anyone wants to come and do a neat job removing it, it's free.

I'm in Herefordshire


Advent Win
Welcome to the forums Nevis8 very generous offer....hope somebody can take up your offer ..regards Turnpin:)


Hi Nevis8,

Do you want the panels taking off the roof also?
We use kit like that as training / demo modules, so depending upon location would happily take it off your hands:)
PM me with details or call (if you can read the tel ' n0 on the left :) )
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