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It has happened several times that this toilet will start filling up with water and this becomes more frequent and then the pipe needs to be unblocked etc. It's a standard but recurring problem.

I've made sure wipes, tampons and things like that aren't being flushed down. Maybe too much tp? Possibly but, due to complex house sharing arrangements, it's not one person (me) consistently using one of the toilets, so I'm questioning why it repeatedly happens with this toilet in particular when the other is managing to do the same job at a different capacity.

So I'm wondering if maybe the toilet is just not very strong flushing-wise. But the advice I've got is that it can't be a narrower-than-average pipe or a small toilet or something like that. The only suggested scenario of the toilet itself being faulty was that not enough water goes into (and flushes out of) the cistern. Some adjustments were made and that seemed to help, but the problem seems to be returning.

I'm clueless about this and said advice came from a non-plumber, so any advice from those in the know would be appreciated, thanks!
If the toilet is blocking up gradually it suggests that there is something in the pipework away from the toilet that paper and waste are catching on and creating a blockage that eventually fills the pipe.
Could be something trapped that's not being freed when the blockage it cleared, like a rim hanger freshener or pen or other thin object .
Another possible is the seal from an old WC pan to pipe connector, that may have been in for a good while.

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