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Hi .there, can anybody give me advice on how to set up this digital clock. My ufheating is not working and I am trying to figure out if it is the timer or the pump.
The pump will get very hot and the pipes over the thermometer will also get hot, but as soon as I turn on the radiators for the upstairs the pipes will get cold.
The pump does not kick in at any stage.
It is a new house and the heating was working when we moved in. Previous owners turned on for us to see. I have taken out the screw on the pump and tapped the pump but still no change.
Thanks in advance



If the pump gets 'very hot' then I would say its a faulty pump.
You may be able to undo the screw at the back and try and rotate the spindle with a small screwdriver.
It should move freely in both directions.

If it does, turn the pump on and check if the spindle rotates. If it does rotate, put the screwdriver back in and see if you can stop the spindle rotating, if you can, replace capacitor and or pump.
Thanks for replies, I did try the screwdriver in with the pump on but there was no movement. Will try with power off to see if it moves freely.


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looking at it you posibly wont get a full pump as its part of the whole unit but you should be able to just change the head

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