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What drill bits do you guys use for drilling thick porcelain tiles? Got 4 bathrooms to second fix with 10mm thick tough porcelain tiles. I’ve tried loads of different bits over the years and just don’t find they last very long.


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They come with an adapter for a drill
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Marc Bowers

Gas Engineer
Marcrists are ok providing you keep the hole in the middle clear, otherwise they block up and prevent the bit moving deeper in to the tile and shorten the life of the bit considerably.

Marc Bowers

Gas Engineer
I don't disagree with you Ben-gee, but from memory they don't tell you to clear the hole in the instructions (Which is only 2-3mm in diameter in the 6mm diamond bit and as such incredibly difficult to actually clear out). So, you can either learn the hard way (unfortunately like I did) or hope that someone might give you advice so that you don't have to.

Marc Bowers

Gas Engineer
P.S. thanks for giving me an excuse for placing another post, I'm trying to get to 10 so I can join the Gas Safe Forum. Only one more to go ;O)
The Rubi kit from screw fix is pretty good...don't try using the drill adaptor.. put them on the M14 thread on your grinder... start your holes at 45 degrees and don't force the bit or it will burn out. If I'm drilling more than 1 or 2 holes then I cost a set into the job to allow for
fixing wall channels, towel rails etc and the inevitable loo roll holder/mirror/ toothbrush holder/towel holder/shelves/cabinets that the customers assumes is part of the job (so cost for that too !!)


I just use the Bosch multi cons. Get around 6 holes per bit and only cost a few quid each and I've gone through some very dense porcelain.


They’re great bits Craig and I use them for most things,. I have, however, come across porcelain that they just won’t touch. The worst I’ve had has been from grespania but a lot of the manufacturers seem to be going overboard on this recently. Really difficult to cut and drill, unnecessarily so as far as I can see.
To effectively solve this problem, three basic types of tools can be used: diamond crowns for porcelain stoneware and two types of diamond drills.
Regular drill bits can make a rough and ugly hole, and they may cause the tile to crack. Tile bits with ground tungsten carbide or diamond tips are the best for this purpose. They are both designed to drill into hard surfaces, and both of them puncture the tile with a cone-shaped hole.

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