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Hi everyone. In process of having bathroom improved (shower installation over bath) and i will need to do tiling around bath myself due to budget restrictions. Need advice please!
New tiles are 24.5 x 19.5 cm and about 5mm thick. I have purchased Bal White Star adhesive and Bal SBR primer. It is a downstairs bathroom in old cottage.
When i removed the old tiles (which were only on lower area) quite large sections of thin plaster skim came off with them. I chipped away until all loose sections appeared to be off. (Areas up to 100cm x 50cm). Underneath appears to be rough sand/cement type surface. I then filled in these areas with patching plaster but am not happy with it. It appears very soft and crumbly. I think i should remove this and repatch with something stronger? What should i use please? (Plasterboarding is not an option due to it already being a very tight space). I need to get the existing wall surface in a suitable condition to take the tiles securely. Would really appreciate your advice.

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