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Hi there,

Im a DIY tiler and am about to half height tile my downstairs toilet with 600x300 tiles. I understand the advice on always ensuring the top and bottom row of the tiles should avoid thin slithers. If I measure out to get a good size at both floor and the top row (half way up wall), that gives me both 17cm high for those rows. Unfortunately if I follow this round to the back wall where the WC is and window, that would leave me a slither of 10cm high tile around a bench that is under the window (above a concealed toilet). Ideally id like to turn the top row into nearly a full tile would be 27cm high, so that this whole section is filled out with one tile rather than an 17cm tile + a 10cm tile. It would only work out to be 4 tiles (one on either side and two on the back walls) but I feel it would be an eyesore. Of course the downside to this means that my bottom row at the floor would only be 7cm high. Basically I can't avoid a slither, it either has to be these 4 tiles above the toilet (below the window), where I feel the eye-line may be, or at the floor level which of course would be all the way round the room.

Hope someone understands and can offer advice!


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