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Chris Pink

I have a threaded galvanised tube between 2 T-pieces. I can’t screw the t-pieces onto the tube - they’re already sealed to the spur. So the only way I can screw the pipe between them is to screw it all the way into one side then screw it halfway into the other (by unscrewing from the first end) . So neither is tight.

How do I seal this? I can see that I can use enough PTFE tape on the 2nd end but by un tightening the first end halfway won’t I destroy that seal?

What’s the proper way to do this? I have three tubes in my setup to do this to.
Ok, thanks, so that would mean screwing 3 up tight and then loosening them a quarter for the last one? Or do you mean something different to a straight coupler?

It’s not a coupling

Or a long screw and back nut

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