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Gas Engineer
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That's nearly £80 and same as what a PP is charging in London. I'm surprised you're getting these stingy landlords to pay that. But good for you. 😀
We don’t do any for letting agents, just private landlords.

Tbh we were considering putting our prices up to £70+VAT. They aren’t worth the hassle, trying to gain access etc. and you get little work in return too.


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What about the other aspect of the job, having to cap off appliances? I doubt it makes anybody happy and will most likely kill off any repeat business.

I did a cert on a rental once where there were gaping holes around the flue. I was just going to blame the previous engineer for allowing it to remain like this but then realised I did the same thing and the next engineer will blame me too. I did AR but wasn't allowed to turn off, so LL probably carried on as usual.


Gas Engineer
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I used to charge £50.00 for up to 2 appliances then £15.00 for each extra one. I have always been of a mind that what I charge is correct if the customer ( landlord ) doesn’t agree then crack on and get someone else.


Gas Engineer
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£85+VAT for 2 appliances. Additional appliance are £25+VAT.

I sue the Anton Sprint software (Free!) and have a big phone (with stylus). This allows me to fill the forms pretty quickly. You can even scan barcodes too!

But saying that, my prices have been the same for the last 5 years.

And I should charge more for gas fires as an additional appliance.***

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