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Hello. When water goes down plastic overflow pipe of my bath, a few droplets of water leaks out just where the overflow pipe joins with the bath (at the underside of this join). As it is just a few droplets, would just rubbing some Plumber's mait around this join do the trick without me undoing the pipe and sealing it more robustly?
Sorry if this sounds simple, I really have no clue about plumbing. Thanks in advance.


Hello Camber1 and welcome to the forums pop along to your merchants and get a tube of LSX check the pipe is clean and dry and is firmly pushed onto waste spigot apply LSX and leave to set as per instructions good luck regards turnpin


It might work but it's a simple fix to do it properly.

They come with a washer that usually does the trick but many plumbers add some sealant (sanitary silicone) as a belt and braces approach when installing. The washer may be twisted or torn or misaligned, the overflow arrangement may not be done up tightly enough or off-centre leaving a small gap.

Best thing you could is to undo (usually can be undone by hand but may need a little encouragment from a pair of grips or if you don't have any tools a screwdriver or pencil stuck between the holes of the overflow for leverage when twisting anti-clockwise to unscrew will do it but be careful not to damage it) and clean it up and inspect the components.

If the washer seems reasonable then apply a thin bead of silicone sealant round it on the face that will connect to the bath, reassemble making sure it's central on the hole and tighten hand-tight followed by a 1/4 turn tweak with grips or whatever you have to hand. Then to be extra sure (and it doesn't matter what it looks like as it's under the bath) run a bead round the outside of where the washer connects to bath. Lick your finger and run it over the silicone, pressing it into the surface.

Leave it a few hours and test.

If it still leaks and you've followed the above instructions you either have a distorted washer/overflow arrangement or too big a overflow hole in your bath.


I wind a few turns of ptfe around the o-ring before pushing the overflow pipe on. Makes a tight joint, never leaks.
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