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Hello chaps,

I own (and let out) a small one bedroom flat which is the first floor of a small victorian house. The loft has been well insulated, double glazing but it is a solid brick wall with no cavity and not the warmest. It consists of three rooms only.

It is currently heated by economy 7 storage heaters (and economy 7 immersion heater). These are not the best- tenants never seem to understand how to work them despite me making instruction sheets up. They sometimes override the time clock which ends up with huge electric bills. They are also very expensive to replace for what is a poor heating system. Any supplementary electric heating in the evening is very expensive on economy 7 tarriff.

I am looking at biting the bullet and either getting gas to the property or installing an air source heat pump.

Any opinions?

Downstairs has gas so there is a meter box about ten feet from where I could place my own (not possible to place another meter box any closer). However I would require a new gas connection and some groundwork.

Gas combi would entail the annual ongoing costs of certificate and servicing.

Would an air source heat pump be more cost effective?

Any opinions of anybody with any experience would be much appreciated.

Although I'm not a skinflint landlord and I want tenants happy, the figures do have to add up as it is a business, not a hobby.

I am probably keeping the flat for another ten years at least.

Many thanks!

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Sharp Point

If you have access to gas, I’d recommend going down that route. Because of the lower delta t of ashp and your poor insulation levels... I’d forget it.


Gas for reliability and lower future maintenance costs.

Given the flat's location you'll probably get complaints from the neighbours about noise from the Heat Pump.


Gas Engineer
I’d say gas it’s way cheaper than air sources. Also look at the maintenance aspect of air source.

What would you do in the winter with air source.
Thanks for your replies chaps. Pretty much what I was thinking. I did wonder how ASHPs go with regards to noise. I will now look into getting a gas supply sorted. Cheers.


Gas Engineer
Heat pump every time for me but as you have gas already at the property it will be cheaper for the time being to use gas


Gas Engineer
It is after the bearing in the compressor have had a few years wear.

we use ours in our offices for heating in winter too. Can be done with proper inverter system.

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