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Hi all

I dismantled the kitchen sink plumbing and cleaned the pipes to improve the slow drainage. However, after I connected the pipes back together and ran the tap for say 20 secs water started to leak from the top of the sink trap connections as circled in the photo.

View attachment 24131

I've added ptfe tape to both connections but the top right connection is still leaking at the same rate as before. I did look into buying a complete new sink trap but I need a push fit type which apparently is not as common to get hold of. Therefore is it a case of adding more ptfe tape until leak stops?

With regards to the slow drainage, the cleaning of the pipes has not improved the situation. I also used a rod to ensure there were no blockages in the drainaway pipe behind sink unit. If I run the tap for a while the sink starts to fill up and can then take a few minutes to completely drain away. Does this suggest there is a blockage further down the line or has the dismantling of the pipes somehow caused back siphonage?

Any advice will be gratefully received. :stooge_curly:



Gas Engineer
Unable to open your pics but if the trap is leaking then it has to be a washer or an 'O' ring seal. As for your blockage try using a drain cleaner I would recommend "One shot" from B&q just read instructions regarding push fit waste.
Also Hi & welcome. If you register with the forum you'll get a lot more advice.


Gas Engineer
macalpine traps will fit most pipework
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