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Hi all.
Pretty sure this must have been asked plenty of times but...

I am installing new shower pump. A little bit confused as to how to connect to cylinder.
I can put a 45 degree from the offtake on the cylinder and tee into it, if I do this, do I need a swept tee angled up the vent pipe?

The other option is Essex or Surrey. Essex I have to drill the tank, prefer not to if possible.
Surrey seems plausible. Is it easy to install? Also is there a reduced flow as it is obviously a restriction in the fitting.
I am running 22mm up to the pump connections.
I think i read somewhere 22mm is pants in a Surrey flange, only use if using 15mm

Advice appreciated.




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Flange is best , but you can buy a connection thats fits directly on to the top of the cylinder , somebody will be along shortly with link no doubt
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