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I remodeled the master bath. I'm trying to put the tub spout on but having a hard time getting it flush to the wall. It's a screw on type and I have 1/2 galvanized pipe protruding from the tile. Instructions say end of pipe should be out from the tile wall 5 3/16 - 5 5/16. At first I had it at 5 1/4. I can only get the spout to turn about 2 full turns before it gets tighter than I can do by hand. I don't want to mar up the finish and use a pipe wrench. At first I had a good 1/4 inch gap between wall and wall end of spout. I was able to get the pipe to thread into the fitting behind the wall about another 3/16. Now I can only get the spout to 9 o'clock by hand and I've still got about 1/8 inch gap.

Problem solved. I took the spout off and wrapped it in a shop towel and put it in a vise. I was able to use a pipe wrench to turn the pipe into the spout an additional 3 turns. That let me draw it up tight to the wall and leave it at 6 o'clock. Wife's happy so now I can go crack a beer.

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