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Hi, my thermostat is about a year old and the screen has gone blank, changed the batteries. Then opened up the back and the on buttons were at the off position so clicked them back on. However its still not working, is there anything else I can try? The receiver now has a flashing red light so assume its not connected to thermostat because its not working? Help please

Darren Jackson

Gas Engineer
They are not worth playing about with as a new one will only cost around £30. Put in the batteries and follow the instructions to pair it to your receiver unit. Cheap & cheerful unit but not that reliable.
I had the same issue with this receiver today, all i did was move the thermostat from one room to another. Changing the dip switches on the back made no difference (these only control the 5+2 or 7 day program and +.25 or +.5 degree increments) I opened up the thermostat and metered the battery connections on the board and they did not supply any voltage to the board, all I had to do was push down firmly where the solder terminals are and it worked straight away with no further issues. If that doesn't work it might need re-soldering which any halfwit can do (even me:)
the red blinking light on receiver means they're not paired, so when the red light is blinking hold down the pairing button beneath the battery cover for 3 secs once the flashing red light goes solid red press the pair button again for 3 secs and enjoy :p

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