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I was wondering if anyone has come across this type of situation.

I have had an inquiry from a client with a converted house which is now 4 flats all have had individual ASHPs installed, but each flat is on a sub-meter from the original MPAN meter.

I have been told that the MPAN is recorded on the MCS certificate when an installation has taken place, but can multiple MCS certificates be completed for the same technology on the same MPAN?

The owner of all the flats in looking to claim the RHI, but the current installer says that only one MCS certificate can be completed as there is only one MPAN meter.

Is this correct? Or is there a cost reason for not doing multiple MCS certificates?

I suspect the easiest option may be to have a proper meter installed for each flat.


Easiest thing pop an email to: [email protected] and post the answer back here :)

I have regular corrsepndence with them, it can take up to 5 days to get an answer, though once you have it, it;s done and dusted, and no argument, so every one knows wher ethey stand.

ASHP was recently added to non-domestic RHI, though would of course have to be metered.

Has he got separate EPC's and GDAR's for each of the flats? - he'll need those for the Domestic RHI.

My best guess, would be that if he has multiple EPC's and GDAR's, and multiple council taxes, then they will be separate Domestic installs.

Presumably the owner / landlord / management company divvy out the leccy bills at the moment.

Ping an email to the above with the additional information I've mentioned here and then there is no recourse at a later date.


Ofgem were very quick to respond.

Thank you for your email.

As long as the heat pumps are installed in 4 different flats with their own EPC’s and Green Deal Advice Reports, the customer would be able to apply for each of them individually. He would need to apply as a landlord for each.

Having one electricity import meter has no bearings on the Domestic RHI scheme.

The heat pumps must however only supply heat to one Domestic dwelling each.

I hope this has helped.

Kind regards,


Awesome :) Thanks for posting that up Mattw

AS John "Hannibal" Smith used to say "I love it when a plan comes together" :)
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