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Discuss Retrofit (wet) UFH in house built in 1996 in the Underfloor Heating Forum area at PlumbersForums.net


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Finding this site really usefull but would like to hear peoples experience with the installation and merits of retrofit underfloor heating.

I live in a 2 bed semi detached built in approx 1996. I want to fit a low profile wet UFH system to the whole of the downstairs (approx 20 sq/m). I am told the floor is concrete block and beam with a screed on top, unknown insulation depth (would there be a standard depth on a house of that age? It is a barrett house if that helps!). I am hoping i would be able to install UFH over the top with one of the many low profile system available and it be reasonably efficient, but more importantly it will be the only heat source downstairs so needs to get the room warm (it will be open plan).

Hopefully that makes sense

Thank you, Matt


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i wouldnt recommend it as no insulation below

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