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Good evening,

We've had our second Salamander shower pump die this year (they really don't like you not using them for extended periods).

I tried to get another CT75 Twin but the replacement new model CT75extra won't actually fit in the space where the CT75 Twin currently is due to them moving the intake pipes from the front to the top. As we are hopefully changing to a pressurised boiler soon I don't want to make major changes to accommodate the CT75extra.

What would be an equivalent pump from a different make (Stuart turner?) to the CT75 Twin? It's a 2.1 bar pump attached to one shower.



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Just choose a pump that is positive pressure twin pump of about 2 bar that suits your pipes as best as possible.
That is assuming the original pump types were correct.
Your pipework to pump might be wrong and pump drawing air in, filters blocked, stored hot water not controlled temperature, etc.
Stuart and Turner good pumps
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