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I need to replace a broken circulating pump, Grundfos UP20-BXUT. I'm struggling to find one (I live in France) and wonder if there's another make that would fit into the existing plumbing?
Alternatively, as it's the motor / pump rotor that seems to be sticking, could I buy a basic Grundfos UP20-14 and put the old timer and thermostat unit on it? It seems to be a modular design.
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Pretty sure now that the UP20 was too big, have ordered it's little sister, the UP15. It's auto, doesn't need a timer, and has a thermostat which attaches to the return pipe which makes sense.
But I have an installation question. The pump is always shown this way up, which means it pumps downwards. But the Grundfos video shows the thermostat attached to the return:

which surely means the flow is downhill and the return up hill. That doesn't make sense to me: surely you shoumd pump uphill in the flow from the HW cylinder and put the stat in the rturn pipe going down back into the base of the HW cylinder (or bypassing back into the flow pipe instead to avoid the loop cooling the HW store).
I'm not a plumber: could someone who knows please 1574705023707.png1574705198306.pngexplain?


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Sensor on the return back to the cylinder can be on the same pipe as the pump

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