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I have a Bristan Matrix Bath Shower Mixer Tap, the diverter valve has been temperamental for some time and has finally failed with a split rubber washer. The tap is obsolete and spares are no longer available.
(I have contacted Bristan.)
The bath is built in and access to the tap is not possible without a lot of dismantling.

Does anyone recognise the washer, (dimensions are approximately 25mm dia by 10mm thick at widest point)?
Vado have a matrix tap that looks very similar to the Bristan; is there a chance that the diverter valve is the same?




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The Bristan Regency diverter has a possibly similar washer. The drawing gives some dimensions. Sorry, don't know if it will fit, but if the o/d is enough, the hole could be sorted with a bit of fettling!
Might work if you can get the nut/washer off the bottom of your diverter.
PS I can't immediately see a source of the washer on it's own, but the below might at least give you a chance of repair.
Alternative is to cut/turn your own version of a washer. There are 25mm x 10mm hole x 10mm thick plain rubber washers available to modify.

As above I'd modify a stock rubber washer by making a mandrel out of 10mm bolt/stud, nuts and washers and stick in your drill to use like a lathe. Shape it with a rasp, file, emery board or whatevers handy.

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