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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but my family and I are starting to crack. I'll start at the beginning, and maybe someone will see something that makes sense to them.

We live in a council property, and a couple of years ago our boiler (a Promax 28 Combi) started flashing us the good old e133. Initially we assumed it was condensate related as it was very cold outside. We called the council and they sent an engineer, and he said it had nothing to do with the condensate pipe/trap. He replaced the ignition and ionisation electrodes, and the problem went away. Six months later it recurred, and another engineer came out and replaced the electrodes. We had another six months of functionality, and then the error came back. Cue the engineer and the new electrodes, and we had another six months or so of no issues.

Which brings us to the winter of 2021, and up pops the error once more. This time the council engineer refuses to even look at the boiler, claiming it's technically still under warranty with Baxi, so a Baxi engineer comes and replaces the electrodes. Within an hour of the engineer's departure the error returns, but this time it's worse. Before it was happening a half dozen times a day, but after the Baxi guy came it started happening three or four times an hour. Another Baxi engineer came out, replaced the electrodes and the circuit board, and the error disappeared...for about 24 hours. Since then it's been getting worse and worse, to the point that I now have to reset the boiler three or four times in succession before it ignites. I can hear the clicking of failed ignitions leading up to the e133, but I know those electrodes are brand new. In addition, it now takes sometimes 5 - 10 minutes for the heating to come on even when it manages to ignite, and we've noticed that it takes ages to heat the water passed 50 degrees C. We contacted the council and they say it's not their problem anymore. We called Baxi and they're refusing to come again until British Gas sends an engineer to check our smart meter, as the last Baxi engineer told me that it was possible the issue was being caused by a fault on the meter that was causing issues with the gas supply. It took me a week to get through to British Gas, but I finally have them coming on Tuesday. I fully expect them to report no issues, and then to promptly charge me for their time.

Frankly I'm starting to lose hope. In the last week it's been getting progressively worse, and there was a moment earlier today where I was convinced it wasn't going to ignite at all. In addition to the clicks of failed ignitions it's also taken to kettling, and last night I swear the thing SHUDDERED before it finally managed to start working. One of the engineers suggested a gas valve calibration issue, but the one that came out afterwards dismissed the possibility and focused on the circuit board instead. I'm having trouble dealing with all this, as in previous cases replacing the electrodes worked, until it didn't. Replacing the circuit board appeared to fix the issue, for 24 hours. Is the damn thing cursed? Is it somehow damaging the new components shortly after they've been installed? Is it some weird coincidence that the solutions thus far appeared to fix the problem only for it to come back?

Honestly I'm really starting to lose it. We woke up this morning and the house was like a freezer because it e133'd during the night. I'd be grateful for any help that anyone can give.
I have similar problem with a baxi Changed gas valve still same issue. Did you mange to get it sorted?
Bit late in replying to you mate, but no we did not. An engineer did declare it fixed and insisted it was electrode related despite the fact numerous other engineers had previously tested for that. We had a year or so of use, and then the problem came back. As of tonight it's become the rule rather than the exception, and I can no longer convince it to work no matter how often I reset it. We've had engineers come out recently who insisted everything was fine, and who went on to blame our smart metre of all things. I'm trying to get some kind of sense from Octopus Energy but they seem pretty slow to grasp the severity of the issue, and I'm expecting them to eventually tell us it's not their fault.

I'm at my wit's bloody end with this. We're having a cold April and my house is not at a comfortable temperature. I tried to get the council more actively involved and they told us that since it was no longer technically winter a loss of heat was no longer an emergency. I had to boil water on my induction stove earlier so I could have a wash.

I feel like I'm living in my Grandad's time in a house without central heating. Will I need to buy a tin bath next so I can bathe by the fire?
I tried to get the council more actively involved and they told us that since it was no longer technically winter a loss of heat was no longer an emergency. I had to boil water on my induction stove earlier so I could have a wash.
Keep a diary recording the dates/times of when the fault occurs. If you can make a video to show the fault happening so much the better. Include a shot a newpaper front page to prove the date. Contact your local Councillor to see if they can apply pressure to the Council. Seek advice from Citizens Advice; this is essentially a 'dodgy property/landlord' problem. Councils sometimes seem to forget that the law applies to them and need to be reminded.

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