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Hi, wondering if I could have some advice. Not a plumber but just a user needing a bit of help.

Moved into a new build a few months ago which has underfloor heating. The rooms all have thermostats which is set on 21 degrees, and as a result we've never felt the heating on at all. I was told that the system needs 24-48hours from cold so probably has never been run long enough to get warm. The flat is well insulated and also has a mechanical heat recovery system so I guess we've not needed it in summer.

It's coming to the season where we need heat so was wondering what the best settings would be. We have a Megaflo boiler with a Danfoss (I think) underfloor heating system. The hot water works perfectly fine, I have checked the manifold and two pipes run off to the bathrooms for the towel rails and this works fine.

The timer for the boiler allows automatic scheduling for the heating and hot water. That's about it as far as the controls go.

What would be the best schedule to run? Is it best to just have 3 hours morning/3 hours evening for the hot water, but all day and all night for the heating (and control via thermostat in room)? And does this result in extra strain for the boiler or extra bills?

Thanks for any advice.


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I would say 1-2 hours in the morning and an hour at night (shouldn't loose much heat through the day and night just usage)

As for the underfloor I would experiment with the heat up times once the floor is warm

You should be able to get the times down to around an hour before you get up to say 10 and hour before you get home etc

Have a play about with it and see what suits you
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