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Richard Waterman

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I have a Worcestor Danesmoor boiler that lives in a stone outhouse and heats the water and radiators in my house.

The heating is set to come on at certain times of day, but during the recent cold weather it stopped coming on. I tried pressing the manual reset button a few times, but assume there was something frozen in the system somewhere as it would just turn off again. Once the weather warmed up slightly, the boiler started coming on again as usual.

However, since this happened, three radiators in different parts of my house have stopped heating up at all. The rest of the radiators in the house are working fine. I know the radiators were all working properly before the cold weather as I had recently bled them all and checked. All of the radiators have thermostat valves.

I can't find a plumber to come out for at least a week, and was wondering if there was some quick solution I could try to get the radiators working again?

Any advice much appreciated.

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