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Hello all, hope someone can adivse me.

I've renovating an old, old house, and am in the process of replacing the radiators. So far, so good, but the last radiator in the house is a pig. The existing pipework is set into tiling and is totally immovable, with no give or play in the pipe at all.
Getting the old radiator off was getting the point where I was considering cutting it off as there just wasn't enough play to unhook the tails.

Instead of trying to refit it, I bought a slightly narrower one instead intending to use extending tails to fit it into place. However, the reason the rads were removed was to skim the walls wiht plaster, and now the tails of the radiator will not align precisely with the existing pipework. If there was a bit of play in the pipework then this wouldn't be an issue, but there is absolutely zero give.

So, what can I do to give myself enough play? Flexible hose would be perfect but they don't seem to exist for radiators...


Is the main issue here the added wall thickness with the extra layer of plaster on top? If so I would consider recessing the brackets into the wall by the thickness of the plaster.

Apologies if I have misunderstood your issue.


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Depending on what space there is , or isnt , could the rad be connected with a couple of neat “offsets “ , you may need a plumber who can pipe bend .

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Raise the rad up enough to set the pipes to suit you.can buy 45° 15mm elbows to keep it tight . Kop


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Agree with kop bender or 45 normally sort all / any problems out
OK, thanks for all the replies and advice, I greatly appreciate it. It looks like I'll be bending some tube! I was hoping there would be some sort of 'problem solver' widget out there for this situation, but guess not.

I did find this thing, but they don't sell in the UK.

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