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Hi all
Does anyone know if a 1270mm long radiator ( preferably designer panel type double backed in white) exists? I am replacing an existing rad 1270x600 so would like to just swap out and avoid modifying/draining the pipework if possible. I’ve looked on line and the closest I’ve seen is 1216x600 size.

Regards Andy

Deleted member 32524

Gas Engineer
Things these days come in rounded numbers I. E 500x600 1200x600. Old rads are always either a bit too small or big. Redo pipework or if that's not possible go for extensions, they are ugly though.

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Advent Win
Very much doubt you will find a direct swap it will need draining and alterations to the pipework to suit the new radiator. Kop


Advent Win
Either Myson imperial, cost a fortune, or a 1200mm rad with nice chrome extensions on either side.

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