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I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything, as money is tight and I dread a mess, so I would be really grateful if anyone has any suggestions either way!

My dining room radiator gets hot mostly all over (apart from a bit at bottom right not as hot as the rest). The conservatory radiator, piped off from the dining room radiator, does not get hot at all apart from the valve at the bottom right of radiator (in?) The left valve is always cold. The left hand of dining gets hot first (in?) The right side of dining (out?) valve is hot, but the copper pipe tee'd off this doesnt get hot.

I don't know if this means the copper pipe from the left (out?) of the conservatory radiator to the right (out?) of dining radiator is blocked somewhere and if it is what to do? A local plumber says that the width of pipe is wrong, and the solution is re-piping from the upstairs manifold at a cost of £250 above wall or £350 behind wall (but then I'd also need to re-plaster/redecorate!)

We had a new Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 boiler in a couple of years ago with a Magnaclean attached, which should be more than powerful enough for all the radiators in house. The system was power flushed with machine when this was installed, and the radiator was still not working.

We flushed both radiators outside with a hose, and rodded the plastic pipes in and out of the dining room radiator. We couldn't seem to rod the copper pipes going out to the conservatory because of the angles at the other end in the conservatory. We used a chemical cleaner earlier this year, fully drained system and then put in new inhibitor, but still no effect on the conservatory radiator.

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