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Hi Forum,

A British Gas Engineer has just installed me a TF1 Omega Filter. There are two types of installations - with or without isolation valves. Due to the short length of pipe available he installed the 'no isolation-valves' version of the filter. Now the part that is bugging me is that he installed the filter on the FLOW pipe. He explained that there is literally no room available on the return pipe and although it is best practise to install the filter on the RETURN, it can be installed on the FLOW. I read the product spec and it does suggest the TF1 Omega Filter can be installed on the FLOW but I just wanted to verify this with someone experienced in this field please?

Finally, if the filter is installed on the FLOW, which way should the arrow on the filter be pointing? UP or DOWN?
Yeah, you can put it on the flow, especially if it's the version without valves. Agree pictures would be good, but arrows on pipe fittings normally point in the direction the water is travelling - away from the boiler in your case.

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