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On Friday evening our water went off due to a leak in the area, I also noticed it had got quite cold in the house & the thermostat clicked when I turned it down to 18c from 21c and the radiators were cold. I left it until water had been restored then went to turn the heating up but got nothing, I checked the boiler & found it wouldn't power on and had to get a new PCB in the morning.

I have an Icos HE12 and since the PCB replacement the pump in the airing cupboard has been running constantly. We leave both hot water and heating set to on at the control box and control the temp with the thermostat - under 18c at night & when out then click to 19/20c when in. The only way I can get the pump to stop running is to set the hot water to timed (pump then runs for the duration) or off. I'm sure prior to Friday evening the pump didn't always run, is this normal or could something else have broken? I would of assumed the pump only ran for the hot water when it needed a quick warm up.



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When the pump is running what is the boiler doing. Has it a 0 on the display or has it a C
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