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I'm fitting a shower and I have a screw in fitting for the shower rail that I want to install as illustrated below. I can't screw it tight as the finished orientation won't let me and a dry fit is very loose. I just want some advice as to whether a good thick wrapping of PTFE tape would be better for this than the That Rapid Blue Stuff sealant. I think I'd prefer to use the sealant, but just having second thoughts because it is so loose.

Advice appreciated!

Ptfe as you may need to change / replace in the future
Around 20 wraps don’t forget it’s not under pressure
Roughen up the thread on the male section.
Scour the thread with some multigrips or hacksaw blade.
The put the PTFE tape on.
Roughening up the thread helps the PTFE tape stain in place rather than slipping up the thread when tightening.

Much like the old days when using hemp
I last used the belt and braces approach to this problem.
Thin layer of sealant on thread, then wrap PTFE not excessively thick, then another layer of sealant!
You will soon find the correct thickness to obtain a snug fit.
I have also used garden twine wrapped on thread with a layer of sealant - this is similar to the hemp thread that someone else has mentioned.
Never use sealant prior to applying PTFE or Hemp

That's why 'roughing up' of threads was always used when using Hemp, & PTFE to a degree.

You can apply sealant over the Hemp or PTFE and sometimes a smear inside the female fitting.

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