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Bob Kerr

Hi, I've followed this excellent forum for several years but have never posted, so decided I'd better give some details. My status is the upper end of DIY and I've a couple of house renovations under my belt (my own homes) I am retired but do volunteer handyman jobs for the elderly. Not stealing your trades, guys, just all the wee jobs that the elderly cannot get tradesmen to do. I've never had to post a query of my own so far, but found a wealth of knowledge just by reading. Keep up the good work with the forum.
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Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for joining and your kind words!

That is a lovely thing to volunteer time for the elderly.

Have you got any photos of your home renovations?
Hi Bob and welcome you are doing an amazing job regarding our senior citizens keep up your good work and help is always available from all the guy's and girl's on the forums.....regards turnpin

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