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Hi - I have the (apparently) dreaded twin entry valve radiators. I really would like to get rid of my immersion heater (to make additional room in a new bathroom) so I believe I can't have a combi boiler with these old twin entry valves. So I would like to re-route the outlet valve (that goes to the other side of the radiator) behind the radiator. I'm ok for upstairs as it's all floorboards but I have concrete floors downstairs. I have attached images of the pipe. For the pipe on the right hand side then I need to route it back towards the wall and then put a 90 degrees turn on it to route along the back of the radiator. Can anyone help please on how I would do that so it doesn't look to clunky - or should I just give up on the whole thing. I had thought about moving the immersion into the loft but I've read that's not such a good idea. And actually I like the idea of a combi boiler but I just need to sort out these pipes (I may get new rads also but I'd still have the same issue with how to re-route the pipe. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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The only really good way other than running it on the skirting is to lift the floor boards up and adjust it there

if your thinking of going for a combi get the heating engy to quote you for this change make sure you say where you want it eg under the floor etc

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